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HI my name is Rue. This week I picked up a one year old toy poodle pup called Twix. He is really good temperment but he is having seperation issues, whinning and howling if I go out. If anyone has any tips on how I can stop this please help. He has also just started barking at people, again any help would be greatfully appreciated.

I can't believe what a difference he has made to our household in just a few short days.
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Do you crate him when you go out. my Teddy has separation issues but is fine in his crate - until he hears me coming of course - then he starts barking like a madman! welcome to the forum!
How long can you leave them in a crate for?
How long can you leave them in a crate for?

A little more info might help:)

Well he's a year old so that depends on his history if he had been in the crate prior too you.

Many dogs stay in crates when the owners are gone, could be 1 hour to 8 hours. If he is having SA then I am not sure that doing it for long periods yet is affective.
I tell all of my puppy buyers to crate train their pups. I recommend Kongs, with peanut butter way high up inside, so he has something to occupy him and keep him busy while he works away trying to get the peanut butter out.
Thanks for the advice.

I don't know if he was crated before we got him. I did spend the morning looking round our local pet shops for something suitable, but found nothing. I have been going out and standing outside the door for a few minutes, several times a day then coming back in. Hopefully this might help him to settle. He does in general seem to be settling well, so i am hoping these issues will gradually disappear.

Sometimes it's the type of crate. Some dogs like the openness of a wire crate and some like a darker more enclosed den. I have a wire crate for fosters that I can cover if they are more comfortable in a more enclosed environment.

One foster came to me that would go nuts in an enclosed crate but was just fine when it was open all around. The foster I have now prefers it covered with a sheet.
Welcome! I've heard that being nonchalant about leaving coming home help w/ separation anxiety. Don't make a big deal out of leaving or wait a while after returning to give attention. As far as crates go, I think you'd be happier getting a foldable wire crate. You can always buy or make a cover for it. I have a plastic crate for my Rottie and it's a PITA. Even collapsed, it takes up tons of room and it's harder to clean.
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