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Hi!!! new poodle owner

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Hi I thought I should introduce myself, we live in Boulder Colorado and I have just adopted a little poodle from a kill shelter. He is in poor condition with bad infections in his foot and legs and terribly thin but he still LOVES humans!!!!
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Very nice of you to rescue that lil guy!! Very glad he has a warm loving poodle home to live at now :)

Good job! And welcome to the forum.

Kudos to you! I wanted to adopt a rescue, but with an impatient 6 year old anxious for her first pet I didn't think it would work out. Glad you were able to find a little one that loves humans! Have you come up with a name yet?
I am going to call him Henry, he is such a sweetie.... am waiting anxiously for him to come back from his neutering op now!!! Only about another hour until he comes home!!!! I have not had him home yet as the shelter keep him until they can schedule a neutering operation (he was not done before as its a kill shelter so they only neuter once someone wants one to save money.....). I have been waiting since I saw him on Saturday which is so hard!
Welcome FaithJ! Congratulations on your new poodle!!!! Bless you for giving that babie a good home!
that is so wonderful and what a good thing for your six year old to experience!
Welcome! I hope sweet little Henry feels better very quickly.
Hey! I'm in Boulder too. What shelter did he come from?
you are doing such a great thing for little Henry! best of luck getting him healthy again!! Can't wait to see some pics!!

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Thanks but he is very sock now.... he started shaking and retching sat night and we managed to get ho to an emergency vet sunday.... but the treatment has not worked and now he is art the vet's on an IV drip.... I am so worried about him.....he is so sweet and just does not deserve all that has and still is happening to him.....
It sounds like little Henry is in good care and now has a new reason to make it through. I'm sure he will be home with his new family soon.

Welcome to the forum.
oh wow... :( I am so sorry to hear that! It's not fair that these little innocent creatures have to go through that! wow... we're all hoping he feels better soon!!
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