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If you're wondering where to ask a question, below is a description of each our forums and subforums, so please post in the appropriate Forum.

That being said, poodle lovers are very passionate about their poodles and breed. Since 2007, members have created a virtual library of all things poodle. At Poodle Forum, we have and continue to generously share our vast knowledge, thoughts, feelings, photos, and conversation. Get ready for an interesting, lively, and, we hope, a helpful experience!

Poodle Forum started with a number of primary Forum topics. As the membership, knowledge, and interests have grown, six Sub-forums were created for more specific and dedicated topics. Most are pretty self-explanatory while others may need some definition, and you will find these under the umbrella in several of the forums. Forums and subforums with their descriptions are listed below:

News and Announcements
Pet Guide only creates informational threads here.

Poodle Forum Technical Support & Feedback
If you're having a technical problem with our site, this is where you ask questions or make suggestions.


Member Introductions

We are a community! Stop by here first to be welcomed by PF members. Tell us a little about your pup.
Please also to read the updated Forum Rules while you're there; these are pinned to the top of this section.

Poodle Pictures
Primarily pictures. We love pictures! This section also has three marvelous subforums:
-- 52 Weeks of Your Poodle: This is your personal thread to brag and share stories about your dog(s).
-- PF Monthly Photo Contests: Join as a contestant and/or voter. Winners get screensaver gifts of their dog.
-- Poodle Rainbow: The various colors of members' poodles, in all their glory.

Poodle Talk
The forum is Town Center. Post here if your topic doesn't fit in another specific category. Subforums are:
-- Poodle Breeding: Ask about or discuss breeders along with the technical aspects and questions about breeding.
-- Poodle Breeders Directory: For established and participating members to create one thread about themselves.

Poodle Grooming
All questions and/or tips for grooming and related photos go here.

Poodle Health
Questions or worries about your poodle's health? Our members can help.
-- Senior Poodle Concerns & Issues is the subforum for our elderly poodles.

Poodle Food
Questions, opinions and facts about what to feed and not your poodle, and food recalls.

Poodle Exercise
Keeping your poodle in shape.

POODLE TRAINING AND OBEDIENCE has three main forums:

General Training & Obedience
Questions and topics on basic training.

Performance (Agility, Obedience, and Hunting)
Questions and help with performance activities are found here.

The place to discuss all aspects of Breed Show Competitions.

GENERAL DISCUSSION has two main forums:

General Chat
Chat about everything not related to poodles except divisive topics.

Other Animals
Share about your other pets, i.e. dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc.


Credit, thanks and kudos for this thread goes to our member, Rose n Poos!
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