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Actually, I have a similar situation. My little one isn't a standard poodle, he is a chihuahua. You'd be surprised how gentle they can be! My poodle knows when he is playing too rough and usually he lays down on his back when they are going to play. The chihuahua jumps around on top of him and they "wrestle" that way.

You'd want to have a place for the dogs to "hide" or escape if you've got multiple standards that like to roughhouse together. My chi has access to the couch and he has his own small crate in the back if he wants to get away and be by himself. (This is when he gets treats usually so he grabs them and darts away!)
Moose was the same way when he was little he would play with little kids and jump around but be sure never to touch them.... now days it seems he has no idea where his feet are as he steps on me occasionally.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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