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Hi Im new

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howdy all

My name is James and Im from Aust.

Due to lack of sleep i cannot find the pic of my poodles lol

but i breed and co-own standard poodles with my mother under the prefix of Lelune
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Im only Lelune not Lelune 2-4 i think i broke the forum :(

Hello James, Woot Woot another aussie. I know what your dogs look like as I invited you :D

had to laugh at all your user names lol. You are too welcomed me thinks.:rolleyes:
Sivvy thinks all these Lelunes is his multiple personalities :eek:
I am Only lelune there are NO mutilpesof me...

Besides Im only 27 the others are over 60 :eek:

I would kindly like to ask the others that joined as 2-4 to please change there Usernames so they are not confused or mistaken for me..



*cause you don't want to be mistaken for me :D *
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i dont know what happened! :confused: I got 3 emails
haha Lelune 4 is writing ROFLMAO
You are the only one now :)

Others removed.
Woot woot, one Lelune is hard enough to handle :D
Welcome! Can't wait to see some pics of your dogs...posting pics is a must on here. :)
What other forums do you belong to? I seen someone else on another
forum claiming they go under the prefix of Lelune. LOL, I know I'm
not crazy, I belong to so many though I forgot!:p

Back on topic now...

Welcome to the forum! Your dogs are GORGEOUS, I love the
name Lestat! I presume you show and breed right? :)

I was looking forward to showing in the future, but right now my
Mini is a WEIRD color and on the short side (and I think his tail
was docked too short, I don't know how judges would feel about that).
But I love him all the same. :)
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Yes your right mm, he is on the quiet poodleroom that everyone has run away from, he is on dogzonline which is all breeds forum that Im on also. Its huge and never stops. He is on an american one that I got banned from lol. I asked to leave they wouldnt delete me, so I joined as another person cause it was against the rules and got banned. Lol I won that battle :D There were a few really nasty ppl on there, I can handle it most of the time but calling me unethical, and doing the wrong thing by my dogs is going overboard. The s***bags dont know me :mad:

and he is a member of affie forums too.
Ahhh must have been poodle room then. It is very quiet on there isn't it?
I wonder why, the board is pretty big!:p
Beautiful dogs....I love the dog in the last pic.
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