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help how do I send a message I am new to this forum

"JJ". My Toy Boy
"Pawspups just JayJay"bred by Lynne James from Camarthanshire, Wales.
JJ is a Silver Toy Poodle
D.O.B. 24th December 2007.
JJ is a shear delight to have and own, this tiny boy has totally blown us away.
We purchased JJ with the intent to train him up for agility, we have decided if he doesn't want to learn
our favorite sport this gorgeous little boy will be our forever lap dog
JJ is really spoilt rotten but as far as we are concerned he is worth it.
My main problem with JJ he goes off his food after a short time, i have been told that you can buy a Poodle Kibble, can anyone recommend?
I live in the UK

Sue & JJ (My Toy Boy)

How do I send a message on this forum? I am new
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