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Hi, I'm new here

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"JJ". My Toy Boy
"Pawspups just JayJay"bred by Lynne James from Camarthanshire, Wales.
JJ is a Silver Toy Poodle
D.O.B. 24th December 2007.
JJ is a shear delight to have and own, this tiny boy has totally blown us away.
We purchased JJ with the intent to train him up for agility, we have decided if he doesn't want to learn
our favorite sport this gorgeous little boy will be our forever lap dog
JJ is really spoilt rotten but as far as we are concerned he is worth it.
My main problem with JJ he goes off his food after a short time, i have been told that you can buy a Poodle Kibble, can anyone recommend?
I live in the UK

Sue & JJ (My Toy Boy)
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hi i'm new here

no jj doesn't eat kibble at all, i have him on different moist foods but want to try him on poodle kibble but need to know which is regarded as the best

sue and jj
Hi, I'm new here.

Thanks for welcome and food advice but don't recognize any of the food produces you have mentioned other than the ones you can add as appetizers which some I have tried, JJ eats food for a while then decides he doesn't like it anymore,:banghead: I always take it away from him then later on try again after so many times I try different foods, we can go for a couple of weeks before I try
him on something else, I just wish he would stick to one type of food so I know his likes rather than his dislikes, I will try the peanut butter in his kong
to see what comes of that, he's not a dog that eats treats unless soft meat variety, kibble ones don't interest him at all, I do make my own treats from tuna/garlic/flour and eggs which he enjoys.
Other than that he's a good boy and loves to learn, I have started ground work for agility with a ball at the end of a cane I then click/treat once he understands what I ask of him like his rights/backs around a jump wing etc:
I am an agility trainer here in the UK and JJ is the first small dog I have ever trained myself but I really enjoy his enthusiasm for working for me, my main concern is standing on his tiny feet but up to now it hasn't happened.

Sue and JJ my toy boy.
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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