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Hi, I am a new member

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Hi, I am a new member to this forum, my name is Ilene and I have a 6 year old toy poodle, his name is Buddy. Buddy is a great dog, unfortunately he has had his share of medical problems since he is a puppy. He has colitis, which is under control, it acts up when he is upset or anxious. He has also had periods since he is a puppy where you know he is in severe pain, he cries, walks in a circle and shakes. Each time this has happened I have taken him to a Vet, I have been told he has a loose knee cap, a bad knee, that it is his hip, he has been treated for shaking white dog syndrome too. I was once told that it was his back a while back, but that Vet was saying it because when he examined Buddy he arched his back as though he was going to be picked up. Buddy usually anticipates that you are going to pick him up and will turn to be in the position that he wants to be picked up in. He also raises his paws as you put on his harness, it's just what he does, so I didn't agree with this doctor. Along with many of these doctor visits he has had Xrays, which have showed nothing. Ths past weekend again the same thing happend, Buddy was in horrible pain, crying and shaking, and again I brought him to the Vet, this time on exam (for the first time), his back did hurt him. The doctor gave him a shot of an antinflamatory which he has had before, sent him home on painkillers, and muscle relaxers. Almost immediately, he was fine, and continues to be fine now that he is off all of the medicine.

Buddy is the first dog I have ever had, I know he is not your typical poodle, he has never been a jumper, in fact he can't jump up on my bed, doesn't walk up or down stairs, but he grew up in a ranch and I always assumed he didnt have the need to learn stairs so he didn't. I am use to picking him up when I will let him on the bed. The only couch he jumps up on is in my den, and usually for that one he uses his bed as a stepper. I also have noticed that if he does jump off my bed, he almost always jumps into his bed first ( I have wood floors in most of the house).

My guestion:
Are back problems and poodles common?
Do other poodles not jump?
Do other poodles anticipate being picked up and turn
around to make it easier to pick them up? And also
raise their paws when you put on their harness? I
always thought this was normal till my friend told me
she never saw a dog do it before?
Do most others take their dogs right to the vet when they
see they are in pain. The time before this was around 6
months ago?

Thanks for any help you can be,
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Hi Ilene. I have had toy poodles since I was 5 years old. Katie would turn around and jump to help you pick her up. She was also very intuitive to several different situations. One of the funniest and cutest things she did was pack herself in the suitcase when we went on trips! "Don't forget me!" I believe that poodles are very smart and learn what you want.

Katie also had lots of health problems. I bought her from a backyard breeder because I was told that the "pure-breed" poodles have more issues. I couldn't have been more mis-informed. Despite seizures, hip dysplasia, patella problems, retinal atrophy, back problems and kidney damage, she lived a very full 16 years. She passed away in March.

I learned to recognize symptoms and how to respond. I took her to the vet as soon as something unusual came up. I went to several vets until I found one I could trust. Some of them definitely enjoy multiple office visits while others will help guide you. With recurring issues, ask them to help you know when it's time to seek help. I remember Katie was paralyzed one day. Out of the blue, she wouldn't get up or move. I was worried that she had jumped off the couch and hurt her back. The vet did find that she had back issues likely from strain or arthritis. With anti-inflammatory medication and pain pills she was back to normal.

I did everything I could to make her life safe and enjoyable. She wasn't really that fragile. I just had to keep an extra eye for symptoms. She ran and played. She was so full of love, affection, and the desire to please. Not every child is born healthy, but you deal with the limitations you have and find ways around them.

Now that I am getting a new puppy, I very carefully researched to find a breeder that specialized in toy poodles, in certain colors (no designer colors), does genetic testing, and socializes the puppies in the home. I can only pray that she is healthy as she can be. There are some adorable parti colors and abstracts in poodles, but my favorite is black.

Welcome to the forum and trust your instincts. They will tell you what to do.
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