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Hi from Mississippi :)

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I am disabled with neuropathy but up until 2003 I was a nurse. I worked so many areas almost like what they called a float lol.
I now have a 10wk old puppy...a maltapoo male named Teddy. I had always raised dobermans but due to my weakness, my husband or sons have to do most work with her. She obeys commands very well but if she takes an interest to run off...I would never be able to catch her.
When I got Teddy, I never knew I could fall in love with a dog lol. OMG I just love him to pieces. He is so smart and just enough of a stinker that I have to hide my amusement sometimes lol.
Then, I saw a picture of a red poodle (never knew there were red ones till then), and I have had a bit of contact with her owner to let her know I want to buy her. There was something in her eyes..in her face..I told my husband I just got to have her. He said it was fine but not to get obsessed like the lady on tv with the 14 kids lol.Anyway, here to read all the good advice and sstuffs..thanks for letting me join
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Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask! We would love to see pics of Teddy and the new girl when you get her!
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