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Hi from MD!

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Hi y'all! I'm new to this forum (obviously). I'm the proud mommy of Boonie Bear (std) and Tinker (toy). I love them soooo much. Ever since I saw my sister's poodle years ago, I knew poodles were for me! I have allergies to dogs but it wasn't just that. Poodles are awesome.

I love them both but Boonie Bear is just so neat. He crosses his front paws everytime he sits down. When I hug him....it just makes me feel so good. He's smart as can be. And just down right funny...such a clown.

They are my babies. Just like my kids. I love them!

Just wanted to say hi.:love:
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Welcome tinkeys Mom ! :)
Hello and welcome to the Forum!! Hope you find it interesting and educational!!
Welcome!!! Your kids sound SOOOO cute - we'd love to see pictures!!
Welcome! What part of MD?
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