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Hi, from Gastonia, NC.

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Hi! I am new to the forum and would like to introduce myself and my poodle, Penley's Silver Lining, aka Sadie.
Sadie is a three year old, silver, toy poodle. She's probably one of the best farm dogs I've ever had. She came to me from a coworker who had neglected her and brought her to me for grooming. She was just over a year old at the time and had never been groomed.. not even brushed. So, as I attempted to find the dog under the mats, I called her owner and asked if she'd like me to help her find a home for her... and she agreed. So, that was that. I thought, initially that I'd find a home for her. But I just never got around to looking. So she stayed. She's been my best buddy ever since. She loves following me on trail rides, is great with the kids and one of the best dogs I've ever had. I think she's just greatful to be in a better situation.
Oh, and she's my third toy poodle.

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Welcome! Sadie is very cute. :) I'm sure she is very grateful to have ended up in such a great home!
Hi and welcome to the forum. I am very familiar with Gastonia. My dogs and I spend quite a bit of time in the Charlotte/Concord NC area. Its nice to meet you and you have a beautiful dog
Good morning and welcome to the forum. Sadie is a little doll.
I'm lucky to have her. My honest intention was to help her owner find a new home for her... I just couldn't see sending her back to that situtation.
It's the type of situation where they got the dog not realizing the time and commitment that would be required. They simply saw poodle and thought they were cute.... Sadie's breeder should have been more informative and her owners should have done more research.
Her owner didn't even come back to say good bye... The next week she sent me her things in company mail.... her registration papers that had not been filled out, her bed, leash, food bowls...
I half hearted tried to convince myself that I'd post an ad for her soon... but it never happened. A couple months later my husband says to me..."Guess we got another dog? I knew you wouldn't be able to give her up."
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Bless you hubby's heart!! Nice to have somedone who is understanding about ones love of the breed, and tthe connection between some people and their dogs.
He claims to not be a "poodle" person.... yeah right. Everytime someone says something about getting a dog, he's real quick to point out to pros and cons of owning poodles.
Welcome to the forum Mehpenn. It's wonderful that you took in Sadie and gave her a good, forever home. She is a pretty little one. I'm happy that your husband realized the value of the poodle breed. Mine is a convert!
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