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Hi from a new member

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Hi. My name is Rachel. I just got a toy poodle, named Fred, on Wednesday. Fred is six months old. Fred came from the pet store. Normally I don't support puppy mills, but Fred had been in the store for 3 months and it's not his fault he came from a puppy mill so I took pity on him. Anyway, when I got him, the store had been feeding him Royal Canin, but I am slowly switching him over to Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lovers Soul.
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Welcome! Did they give you a health gauruntee on hiim and have you have Fred vet checked? Just wondering because we took one home onece that no one seemed to want and it brought tape worm home to all of our other animals and it cost a small forutne to treat everyone. He part of the family and is just a love. It is pitiful when a dog languishes in a pet shop. Would love to see some pictures of Fred when you have them.
Welcome to the Poodle Forum.
I`m sure the lil guy is glad to have found a home :)
Hi and welcome! Congratulation on Fred. I'm so glad Fred found a loving home, and is out of the pet store.
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