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Hi there!

My name is Becca, I have wanted a dog my whole life. I am 24 now, and got married last year. My dad would always let me have horses but never a dog. Now, after 24 years of waiting, my husband and I decided it was time to add a little fluff and cuddles to our lives! After a lot of research and talking to breeders, we bought a black boy from Susan Cook of Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles (who is wonderful, by the way) and now I see how much I was missing out on without a doggie in my life! We named him Argon (and his show name is Marquis Diamond Back in Black) and I am planning to show him UKC and maybe AKC too, if I can handle maintaining the Continental Clip! He is the most gorgeous boy and my best friend, follows me everywhere I go and never leaves my side. We go on walks and play ball together, he sleeps on the bed and I work from home so he is always with me. I could not ask for a better companion. I know that I will never want another kind of dog - poodles are it for me! Here are some photos of my boy. I am so excited to have found this online forum, and look forward to getting to know you all!!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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