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Welcome! I have 2 standards...2 yr old female and a 6 month old female and I think they are great!

All in all they are a bit better with my kids because they tend to be more gentle, but I did have the kids BEFORE the standards so they have grown up together!

I really think you would be happy with a standard, I know our family loves our 2 girls! Even the cats sem tp prefer that standards over the smaller poodles in our home. I have heard some standards that are socialized around cats properly will give chase, but even our 2 yr old rescue standard Daisy has never even tried to chase the cats. Our 6 month old only chases when the one cat wants her to play with her, and she never bites her.

I know poodles are a smart breed, but I really do think the standards tend to be less impulsive than the smaller poodles.

But then again some of my minis are just as good, so all poodles are bit different temperament-wise no matter their size...but they all can be great dogs when trained and groomed properly!

Oh one more thing...if you do get one you HAVE to post pics...I think that is in the rules somewhere.

We would like to see pics of your girl you have now...we don't mind seeing pictures of non-poodles either!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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