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Hi everyone!

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I have a 13 week old standard poodle puppy named Sloane! Its officially been one week since I picked her up❤ I'm also a first time doggy/pet owner so this is all so new to me! I want to be the best for my Sloaney Girl��?❤
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Welcome to the forum. You will find a wealth of info here and a great group of knowledgeable and/or helpful people.
Hi and welcome. Congratulations on your puppy. Poodles are very smart and quite capable of outwitting us if we aren't careful so keep in mind you are the benevolent leader. Left to her own devices Sloane may spend a fair amount of time figuring out was to charm you into allowing for some pretty silly stuff. It may be cute now to have a 12 pound puppy jump up on you but it isn't much fun when a 40 pound or more dog slams into you as they jump up.

Take her to a good puppy manners class and then go to a good obedience class and keep at the training. It doesn't take hours to train and it is good for your relationship!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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