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Hi Everyone!

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Hi, everyone. I am looking forward to being apart of this group. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on a great breeder of AKC red Toy Poodles show quality, does DNA and genetic testing near WA state? I am willing to travel outside of the state to find the perfect dog for me. Thanks in advance for any info you may have.
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Welcome to PF, I can't help on your specific request, but hope someone who can will chime in. One thing I would suggest is to place the lowest emphasis on color. Temperament and health testing of parents should be the top items on the list. Since reds are sometimes hard to find you may box yourself into a corner if you put color near the top (easy for me to say since I like and have blacks which are easy to find).
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Hi and Welcome!

It's understandable to have a strong color preference but it's likely to limit your options. I'm adding some links for some multi-lists of breeders.

This link should get you to pages which direct you to folks within PCA who can help with breeder referrals for your desired area.

These are AKC registered breeders but review their websites thoroughly. Look for OFA, CHIC health testing info in the site. If not on the website, ask the breeder to provide all health testing results and links (this will be on the dam and sire fyi). In fact, do that with any breeder you make contact with. A quality breeder will not hesitate to show the health documentation. Another measure of a quality breeder is what do they invest in their dogs? A quality breeder makes less than many might think, because the "profits" are used to improve their dogs, generation after generation.

"Poodle Breeders" Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, Toy Poodles Breeders Directory!
All the breeders listed here are required to do appropriate health testing in order to list on that site.

Breeders here all do appropriate health testing.

Another site with multiple breeders listed. Use the same caution.

There are some sub forums here where you can find discussions of breeders recommended, and some, not so much. They're listed at the top of Poodle Talk. Be cautious of any breeder offering Teacup size. Breed standard in the US has only three recognized sizes: toy-up to 10" at the shoulder, miniature-up to 15" at the shoulder, and standard-over 15" at the shoulder. "Teacup" is marketing, no more.

If you use the Search at the top of any page, use Advanced search for breeders in Washington. There was a recent thread from a member in Washington, but their search ended in another state, where the pup would eventually live.

Contact a few breeders to introduce yourself. Even if they don't have or don't offer what you're looking for, it can be a close knit community. They may know where to refer you.

How far are you willing to travel?

Good luck! I personally love the reds, silvers, and browns, but have always had blacks and apricot or creams. I found the color faded from my notice when I found the Right poo/s and looked into their eyes :).
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Rose n Poos
Thank you so much for all of that helpful info I really appreciate it. Introducing myself to some breeders is a great idea any wisdom I can glean from some great breeders would be awesome! I'm willing to travel to surrounding states. I may be willing to ship with a nanny but I would prefer to live close enough to visit the kennel personally.
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Oh yes , thank you. Health and temperament are definitely my top priorities. They always are but especially because I would eventually like to make her a registered service dog so that she can visit the hospitals and nursing homes with us to spread some poodle love. :)
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