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I'm Laura and I'm from the UK. I've got 1 poodle Cheeko. He will be 8 this year but still acts like a puppy. He's supposed to be a toy but grew to miniature size like our last 2. He's got a few health problems. He slipped a disc in his neck a few years back and was to be rested for a few months but still has to be careful and he also has really bad cysts. Recently had an op to remove a nasty one so he couldn't get clipped for 12 weeks because it ended up infected but thankfully today he finaly got his hair cut :smile: I've also got 5 guinea pigs and a rabbit. I've grown up with poodles and always wanted a standard one so hoping during summer we might beable to get one if Cheeko gets along with another dog.

Here's a pic of him. Hope it works.

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He is a sweet looking boy...yelling at his ball! LOL

Looks like he feels pretty good now...hopefully most of the bad stuff is behind him now!

Glad to have you here, and feel free to ask any questions you want...I am sure someone can give you a good answer!
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