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hes just not eating

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Hi all,

Murphy, our 3 mo old poddle, is not eating very much. He has been on the same food that the breeder told us she gave him.

He does eat, but very very little.

I talked to the vet and she told me to feed him 3x a day and just put 1/4 cup of food down.

but he only eats like 2-4 pieces of dry food.

Any ideas? should I worry about this?
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I mixed in one-third of Ceasar's Puppy (it is meat and comes in a small square container-pink I think) with the dry food at dinner. In the morning I mix in a spoonful of lowfat yogurt with dry food and stir it around. I also use NuVet vitamins for all my dogs-they take one a day and eat as they would a treat (crumbling on their food did not work out).
What did teh vet say about his weight? Is he growing like he should? Perhaps his teeth are bothering him as he should start teething soon. You could try soaking the kibble in some warm water for a couple minutes. Alot of dogs like this (my cat actually loves it!). Adding yoghurt is a good thing too. If he is healthy, not Too skinny (poodle puppies should be skinny anyways), and growing like he should then i personally wouldnt worry. Alot of dogs dont need to eat as much food as WE think they should.
How long has he been off his food? he might be teething as said in last reply. Adding something to jazz it up could work, as well as soaking as hot water will release smell of the food.

He is also maybe missing his litter companions and the competition this brings.

Also make sure when you feed him you don't get too desperate or panicky; he will wonder what is wrong, I generally put the food down and maybe read, (having a crafty look now and then). If he has not eaten it in ten minutes, pick it up. |Try again in a hour, if still not interested, leave until next meal time.

If all this doesnt help, you may need to think about changing his diet.

Hopefully he will be chomping soon!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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