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We are getting a new miniature poodle puppy in early Dec. Here is a photo of him this week at 5 weeks old. I think we are going to name him Elmo...but my fiance is not convinced yet...:tongue: We will see, but I think the name fits him.

He hasn't gotten his poodle cut yet. But isn't he cute? He is coming from West Coast Poodles in San Diego. I am really looking forward to him coming home. His parents are beautiful and have really dark red hair!

I am taking one week off work after he arrives to bond with him and start potty training, etc. That would be fun!

I had a miniature poodle growing up and he was wonderful. I love Standard Poodles but I think the smaller, more portable size of the miniature fits our lifestyle better.

Thanks for letting me share. I am sure I will have more questions about training, etc!

Elmo's mom.
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