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Helpful Puppy Training DVD's

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To all newer dog owners...what DVD or even book did you find most helpful to assist you in learning how to raise a well behaved puppy ?

I am always buying books and DVD's to keep up with the times... so I got the Dog Whisperer Pack Leader Series (1-4)...started off ok but I think first time puppy owners would fall asleep after the first DVD... Anyone seen them yet ? if so thoughts ??

Years ago Brian Kilcommons had a VHS (big black bulky cassette) that had a training video called "good owners great dogs" and that was all the rage and seemed very good... I don't know if it exhists on DVD or blue ray (?) but I sure can't seem to find it now and maybe today it woudl be too slow moving for people to watch as well... ??

Anyone got any good DVD's for new puppy ?
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I have "How to Raise the Perfect Dog" by Cesar Millan. I bought it before I got Lucybug and finished reading it before she joined our home. It had a lot of really good, common sense information in it (well, common sense if you are able to think like a dog!) like don't carry your dog all over the place - let the dog "have it's own feet" and learn to be a dog instead of a purse... Helping your puppy become a member of a cohesive, comprehensive PACK.

If anyone would like to borrow my copy, let me know and I can "check it out" to you like a library. I've lent my horse training resources to people from my horse forum and I've always received them back in good shape so I can try it here, too! Just send me a PM if anyone wants to borrow my Cesar book...
One of my favorites, easy read too... is "How to Raise a Puppy... you can live with" by Clarice Rutherford and David H Neil.
Great book... and also discoverd a good chew toy as well.
Ava didn't like me reading it I guess.


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