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Help, our family and Pippin (our small Standard Poodle) are grieving for the loss of our 14.8 year-old SP. We are looking for a large Miniature Poodle or a Moyen/Klien.
Preferably a young dog. Pippin loves other dogs and misses his playmate
terribly. Please msg me if you know of any. We live in NJ but perhaps
shipping is possible.
Thanks, Anne Milling
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As a warning, Poodles are a bit hard to come by right now, and Moyen/Kliens even more so. I've been trying to compile a list of mini poodles on the east coast, and some of these have not been reviewed yet by the folks here, but here are my findings:
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Again, I haven't fully gone through these breeders--so I would research these guys before buying from them. But most look good. Additionally, you may have to drive/fly to some of these, as they will not ship.
You can also look into this breeder and this one. Both are highly recommended on this forum.
EDIT: And here is our breeder directory compiled by area, courtesy of Rosenpoos

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Moyen/Kliens even more so.
Hi and Welcome! I'm sorry that it's under these circumstances.

I want to offer a caution on finding a Medium (moyen/klein) poodle in the US and Canada. That variety is not recognized by the American Kennel Club nor the Canadian Kennel Club so any poodle over 15" but under 20" will actually be an oversize mini or a small standard.

There are only a very few breeders actually importing the Medium variety from Europe and breeding them, and doing the proper health testing.
Many offering moyen/klein poodles simply have oversize mini's, small standards, or are interbreeding mini with standards, a practice not generally recommended. Poodle varieties really are a spectrum. It's true that the height parameters have changed thru the years since breed standards and breed registries came into being. They're sttill different in North America and Europe
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