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Help went for vet???

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I just took bobby to the vet to get a check over and have his ears cleaned they were dirty,is this normal behaviour for a young puppy??

She had to muzzle him to finish what she was doing,he was growling and trying to bite :(

She cleaned his ears up and i got him a combi flea and wormer drops,she said he was healthy :)

He screamed all the way there and all the way back and wouldnt keep still guess hes found his feet and doesnt like the car.

Any advise please I didnt have any of this with my other poodle?Or is it a standard thing and a boy thing?
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No it's not a standard thing or a boy thing - it's a discipline thing!
Sounds like Bobby is use to getting his own way, and has realised if he carries on enough what ever is hapening will stop.

Cleaning ears if a very routine task for a poodle and he will need to get use to it. I suggest you go through the motions every second day or so, hold his ears, pretend to clean them even if just the outer ear flap. You need to be 'no nonsense' about it, it will happen and he needs to understand that you are the boss and you will make sure nothing bad happens to him.

Lots of short trips in the car to nice places, and treats on the way when he is quiet. Even if he stops for 5 seconds give him a treat.

I reckon the sooner you get clippers on him the better too. A squirmy non co-operative pup is bad enough, one that's trying to bite you as well doesn't sound like much fun to me at all.

Some basic obedience would be good too, come, sit, drop that sort of thing. It will reinforce that you are the alpha dog, you set the boundaries and you will protect him and can be trusted.

ANyway enough of my ramblings, that's what I would do if he was mine. The other more experience peeps will probably have better advice.

I totally agree with this advice. We have had issues with a couple of our dogs and the answer was to establish that I was the alpha and they had to be submissive to me. Once they learned that, handling them became easier and easier until it was no longer an issue. Dogs are pack animals and one of them has to be the alpha and that one should be you. Otherwise, you will get no respect. I can remember when clipping their feet was a nightmare. Now they just stand relaxed and let me do it.

I wish you luck with getting him under control. You will enjoy your dog so much more after that.
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