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Help went for vet???

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I just took bobby to the vet to get a check over and have his ears cleaned they were dirty,is this normal behaviour for a young puppy??

She had to muzzle him to finish what she was doing,he was growling and trying to bite :(

She cleaned his ears up and i got him a combi flea and wormer drops,she said he was healthy :)

He screamed all the way there and all the way back and wouldnt keep still guess hes found his feet and doesnt like the car.

Any advise please I didnt have any of this with my other poodle?Or is it a standard thing and a boy thing?
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I have 2 dogs, Roo is a mini and Quincy is a hairless chinese crested. When Roo goes ot the vet she is so placid and will let the vet do anything to her, she is really really good. Even the vet was surprised that she just laid or sat there and let the vet do whatever she needed to do without complaint.

Quincy on the other hand is a bear at the vet's, he has been yearly since we got him at 6 months old, he doesn't bite or try to bite though (he has few teeth anyway lol) but he certainly is much more resisitant to letting the vet near him. He WILL let them do their work but you can tell from looking at him its because he is scared out of his mind. He hates teh vet and I have no idea why, they haven't ever hurt him, I go in for every exam etc etc...vet says that he might just be putting on a show because I'm there, she thinks if I left he would be fine. I won't leave him when he is that afraid, to me seems cruel.

So 2 dogs, 2 very different temperments, 2 very different reactions to vet care. I think it just depends on the dog really. Roo is so calm and very passive she doesn't seem to have a care in teh world, she loves strangers, kids, other animals etc etc. QUincy is very guarded as a rule with strangers, but once he gets to know you he is a real snuggle bunny. Thankfully we have had no need for him to get to know the vet that often. He hasn't ever been sick in all his 5 years (knocking on wood now b/c I likley jinxed myself lol)
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