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Help went for vet???

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I just took bobby to the vet to get a check over and have his ears cleaned they were dirty,is this normal behaviour for a young puppy??

She had to muzzle him to finish what she was doing,he was growling and trying to bite :(

She cleaned his ears up and i got him a combi flea and wormer drops,she said he was healthy :)

He screamed all the way there and all the way back and wouldnt keep still guess hes found his feet and doesnt like the car.

Any advise please I didnt have any of this with my other poodle?Or is it a standard thing and a boy thing?
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I wouldn't worry to much yet as the poor boy has just been taken away from his family and put into probably a very busy noicy house then taken to a very busy noicy vet that wants to do some indignaties to him. Firm solid rules and expectations will keep him in line he is still a baby but needs rules that will be the rest of his life. biting nipping whining are not acceptable.
Poor little guy don't baby him yet don't expect him to understand it all in a weekend either
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