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Help went for vet???

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I just took bobby to the vet to get a check over and have his ears cleaned they were dirty,is this normal behaviour for a young puppy??

She had to muzzle him to finish what she was doing,he was growling and trying to bite :(

She cleaned his ears up and i got him a combi flea and wormer drops,she said he was healthy :)

He screamed all the way there and all the way back and wouldnt keep still guess hes found his feet and doesnt like the car.

Any advise please I didnt have any of this with my other poodle?Or is it a standard thing and a boy thing?
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Thanks guys,was just worrying,years ago talking about 12 we had a english bull terrier,got her from 8 weeks old,she wouldnt sit with you would never sit still always jumping up to bite you,i thought it was just puppy biting we used to use water pistals ect to try and get her out of this she would snarl with her gums back and literally take a chunk out of you.

I tryed and tryed with this dog,and once she got 2 a year old i came to the conclusion she had a problem she wouldnt walk along the street and no one could pet her.
I used to be bruised from her bites :(
Well i rehomed her with a lady with no children i explained the situation and she took the dog,she said she had 20 years experience with this breed,so off she went.
Two months later she rang and had to home her with a man with no kids as shed mawled her childs neck,:( i did warn her.
So you see i get a bit over precautious after that it kind of plays on my mind at a times.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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