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Help! Gabie has a growth!

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She is going to the vet Wed. but I thought I would ask if anyone has had experience with this - Gaby is the small mini and she has not been herself and wouldnt eat tonite - my daughter just found a lump almost the size of a golf ball under her front leg - like under arm - I'm afraid it might be a lymph gland - please pray for her that is not serious! My daughter would die if anything happened to her! she was 8 yrs old last Oct.
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Lets hope it's not cancer.
The vet can take a syringe sample and should be able to determine if it needs to be explored further.
My Gabby,a standard poodle girl had about 5 lumps removed when she was 7 years old,during her gastropexy and they all were benign.
She also developed a bigger lump on her side,that was benign as well...she was about 10 at the time.
She was sadly taken from me by cancer at the age of 12....splenic tumour,that eventually spread to other organs.
I will be keeping my fingers crossed.
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