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Help Finding Toy Breeder

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Looking for suggestions for a toy poodle breeder. We’re trying to find a genetically tested (OFA listed) red, apricot or white girl. Most important to us other than health is personality. We’re looking for a very calm, quiet lap dog (obviously once an adult) and trying to find a breeder that has a sense of the particular puppy’s likely personality. We’d like to stay within about a six hour or so drive time of the Pittsburgh area. Thanks for your help!
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Umm, I made a suggestion in your thread from yesterday. https://www.poodleforum.com/2-member-introductions/269757-toy-breeder.html
Thank you

Yes, I saw your post yesterday and got in touch with Rodell’s. They were very nice and may have a girl available in the future, so we’re staying in touch. In the meantime I’ll keep looking at suggestions here on PF. Thanks for your thoughts!
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