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HELP.... Can't Drive BC of Wining and Crying

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My 1 and 1/2 year old mini poodle is about to drive me insane. OMG!!! When I take my Sampson out for rides he is constantly wining and crying but only when I am driving slow, ok, go figure! I don't think he has motion sickness because he does not throw up. I have also ruled out fear of the car because he enjoys going fast but heaven help me when I am driving slower. Any advice?
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Two questions.

Do you have him in the kennel when you’re driving? It’s possible he’s seeing things to chase at lower speeds.

Do you drive slow at the vet or other ‘bad’ locations? It could be he’s picking up on that.

Maybe you could have someone sit in the back of the car and feed him treats while you drive slowly?
Sounds like he might be excited or anxious. Slowing down signals a possible stop and I've found most dogs to be much more relaxed during highway driving. Otherwise they're either trying to figure out what's next, or they've figured it out and can't contain themselves.

Maybe Sampson will respond well to something as simple as not being allowed out of the car until he settles. Have you tried anything like that?
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I think your dog thinks slowing down mean you’re getting close to your destination, whatever he thinks it is, and he is excited about it.

When we drive for a few hours, my dogs will whine at the beginning (still in the city, going slow) for a few minutes and then stop on the highway because they figure out we’re in the car for a while. Then, when we start slowing down, either to eat or because we’ve arrived, they start again.

Just doggy excitement and anticipation !
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That sounds incredibly annoying. Our dogs stand up when we drive slow/start backing up, and that's annoying enough. Annie tried whining once when we hit the gravel road on the way to the dog park, and I pulled over, stopped, and waited for her to settle down before continuing, and she hasn't resumed it.

If you think (based on body language) he is excited, I would make driving slow super boring. Take him out (preferably in your neighbourhood), somewhere very quiet. The moment he starts to whine (even if you are half out your driveway), hit the brakes, stop, wait for him to be quiet again, then start driving again. Repeat this maybe 10 times, and then park at home. Wow, what a boring car ride! In a day or two, do it again. Going forward slowly is rewarding to him, so he only gets rewarded when he is behaving. Obviously, to the limits of your own safety and following the rules of the road!

If it's fear based, a bit harder. The idea would be to drive a tiny bit, not give him a chance to be afraid, then stop while he calms down, drive a tiny bit, then go home. But it doesn't really sound like fear.
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