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Help! Brushing our new guy with long hair.

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We just got our sweet boy (our first dog ever). He is six months old and platinum silver. He has long hair (we love the longer cuts). He was groomed and bathed a week ago by breeder but today I tried to brush him for the first time ever (tried to keep his first few days as gentle and stress-free as possible). I tried putting a few drops of conditioner into a spritz bottle of water (shook up) and brush a little at a time but it was challenging and felt like it was pulling his hair. He nipped the air at one point to show me it hurt him. I didn't do everything because I wanted to see if there's a better way. In the future, I'm happy to brush him daily if that's what's best.

_R6A0421 by Tammy

Here is the brush and spray bottle i got (brush recommended by breeder).

Should I get an actual brushing spray? What's the best brushing technique? Spritz a small area and then gently brush? Another member said it might be better on a turntable of sorts? Any thoughts?

Also, am a bit nervous about doing the more delicate areas - like ears, chin, legs/feet, underbelly. Any tips on that?

I also notice when he pees, he barely just squats and then he will be a little wet under there. Should I be wiping him off after? Since he's got long fur? I feel like a total idiot with soeme of these questions. It seemed much easier on paper and in theory but I want to make sure I'm doing right by him because he's such a sweet and trusting little guy!


Spritzer bottle:
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He is very cute and it is nice to have some length on them for styling. I have a couple of thoughts, first, remember your pup has a hair coat, not a fur coat, so it is much more like brushing your own hair if it has any tangles.

You may want to consider giving him a more poodley clean face. Right now Javelin needs a groom and even though his face is pretty clean he has a couple of spots along his lip line that have food stuck in them (I hate that).

I am not a huge fan of slicker brushes. I like pin brushes better. I also comb before brushing. Don't bathe if there are tangles as they will tend to get tighter/worse.
Do you have a pin brush you recommend? And a comb too? So you say comb through first and then brush? I should mention he didn't really have any mats (by feel or looks). Do you spray before combing and brushing?

So we just love the longer facial hair! He's just so much cuter with it! Should I be washing his face every day? He's got a little bit of tear staining and tiny bit around mouth.
I’d prefer to get everything at amazon so I can veg fast free shipping, but am overwhelmed by choice.


That one is recommended for face only? What about one for body?

We had a lice/not comb at one point (its lost) but I read that those combs DESTROYs the hair shaft?

Any other links on amazon you guys can post and recommend?
Well he’s six months old and well used to being groomed already. Up until now, the breeder actually had him in more of a show cut (he was to be a show dog but was a little too tall). This is the first time he’s had his face hair grown out!

Hi Tammy, your new poodle is lovely. I would like to address the fuzzy face. Puppies are naturally adverse to grooming at first, it's a lot for a puppy to take in. No matter what you finally settle on for his 'look' PLEASE PLEASE consider shaving his face, brushing his face, and generally getting the shaver and scissors around his face. You will be doing him a HUGE favor. His groomer will appreciate the time you are spending on 'Pre grooming', as it's quite dangerous to have a puppy flailing around when you have sharp scissors or clippers anywhere near his face. With puppies, their first grooms or 'look' is NOT REALLY about how they look, it's about HOW they adjust to grooming in general. Keep at brushing daily, take him into the bath and shut the door while you dry your hair, turn on electric shavers (if you have one) , close and open scissors. Poodles are SMART and learn that grooming is just part of life. Good luck with your new puppy!
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He was gorgeous in his show puppy clip! :aetsch: But he's adorable in any style ;)
I am kind of curious what he'd look in different haircuts :)
I got the pin brushes, comb, and this ice on ice. Did I get the wrong spray? This says finishing spray.


He seems to enjoy brushing mostly (bites with the slicker but not the pin brushes). Should I be doing the line method With the pin brushes also?

I find it hard to get the comb through his thick coat. Is there a method to it?

Brushing his belly and inner legs is definitely the hardest! I try to hold the leg down while he’s on his side and brush. Sometimes it seems easier to brush it in the opposite direction it grows. Is that a bad idea?
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