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HELP !! Allergy (asthma) to my poodle puppy!!

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Hi dear community,

I'm a new poodle mom, Charlie is 9 weeks so far and she is adorable. The only problem is that since we got her (one week ago), my mom developped an allergic reaction to my puppy. She does not have the usual symptoms she has with other breeds of dogs (rashes, sneeze, stingy eyes...), but she still has asthma and it's quite severe. I don't want to get rid of my beautiful girl, I love her with all my heart and she has really been a blessing in my life right now...

Please, I need some tips from people who dealed with an allergic reaction to their poodle!! Anything is welcome. Does it get better when the puppy grow older (no more puppy fur)?

Here is what I've done so far to try to keep my mom's allergies under control:
  • Keeping the puppy in a specific room to reduce the allergens in the house
  • Brushing her coat every day
  • Vaccum every week
  • Mom washes her hands everytime she touches my puppy

I count on your help,
Thank you!

A worried poodle mom
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Hi everyone,

thank you so much for your help and insights!!! Turns out that my mom's asthma inhaler was empty (hence her very intense allergic reaction these last few days). Now that she has opened a new inhaler, it's much better (but still not perfect of course). Yes, I know that asthma can be life threatening, we'll be very carefull, thank you for your warning and concern :)

Do you guys have an HEPA air purifier to recommend me?
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Here is another question. How much does your mom want a dog, and how committed is she to making this work?
She is very commited and she loves Charlie as much as I do! Yesterday, we even spoke about the possibility of doing a desensitization therapy if her allergies don't improve. But things are going pretty well right now. I gave Charlie her first bath yesterday and so far, my mom doesn't have much asthma since she opened her new inhaler (she says her asthma varies from an intensity of 0/10 to 2/10, 0 being no asthma at all). We already have hardwood floor and I plan to bath Charlie every week and brush her daily. I also plan to buy an air purificator soon :)
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I personally don't like to the a dog that often as I feel it takes too much of the dogs natural oils rom their bodies. But one does what is necessary.
Yes, I hope I won't have to bath her every week, I know it can be stripping. I'm using a dog shampoo for sensitive skin and frequent washes (recommended from my vet), so I hope it won't be too harsh on her skin. If my mom's allergies lessen, I will try to bath my girl every 2 weeks!
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Are you sure your dog is full poodle?
Yes, I’m sure she is 100% poodle :) Thank you for the suggestion of shampoo!

My mother also has a reaction to dust (so I vaccum twice a week when she is not around to avoid her being in contact with the dust stirred up in the air).

So far, it’s our third week with Charlie and my mother’s allergies have improved a lot (without even the need of an air purifier, but I still plan to buy one for the winter since we won’t open the windows as much). She even cuddles and kisses Charlie (washes her hand after + face if she kisses her though)! Charlie is also no longer restricted to a specific room, she can explore all the house. We also started to use allerpet once a week, which is a pet dander remover recommended by our vet. I heard that a person’s allergies can ajust to one dog with exposure, maybe that helped too? Let’s just hope that my mother’s allergies stay as low as they are right now...

Thank you so much poodle forum :)
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