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HELP !! Allergy (asthma) to my poodle puppy!!

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Hi dear community,

I'm a new poodle mom, Charlie is 9 weeks so far and she is adorable. The only problem is that since we got her (one week ago), my mom developped an allergic reaction to my puppy. She does not have the usual symptoms she has with other breeds of dogs (rashes, sneeze, stingy eyes...), but she still has asthma and it's quite severe. I don't want to get rid of my beautiful girl, I love her with all my heart and she has really been a blessing in my life right now...

Please, I need some tips from people who dealed with an allergic reaction to their poodle!! Anything is welcome. Does it get better when the puppy grow older (no more puppy fur)?

Here is what I've done so far to try to keep my mom's allergies under control:
  • Keeping the puppy in a specific room to reduce the allergens in the house
  • Brushing her coat every day
  • Vaccum every week
  • Mom washes her hands everytime she touches my puppy

I count on your help,
Thank you!

A worried poodle mom
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Oh no! What a heartbreak. :(

I have allergy-induced asthma, which has historically been triggered by rat urine. Icky, I know, but I used to keep rats as pets, and they were the sweetest little boys. It was very hard to give them up.

If she doesn't have one already, I would suggest your mom get a high-quality air purifier, like Floofy recommended, and turn her bedroom into a "clean air" room (door closed, no puppy allowed).

I'd also recommend giving your puppy a good bath if you haven't already. Now's the time to get her accustomed to the groomer, so tell your groomer about your mom's allergies and ask for their input. They might recommend a shorter than usual puppy clip and should also be using fragrance-free, hyopallergenic shampoo.

My mom has severe allergies and currently lives with two small dogs in a small travel trailer. It's doable, though asthma isn't something you want to mess around with. Has your mom consulted with her allergist?
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I've got a Classic BlueAir. The fan got a little wobbly in the first year, and they sent me a brand new one. That was almost five years ago, but very good customer service.

The filters are pretty expensive. I've found the best price so far at Costco.com. I especially love the first month after replacing the filter. It is (literally) a breath of fresh air. Was extremely helpful during the recent wild fires.
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