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HELP !! Allergy (asthma) to my poodle puppy!!

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Hi dear community,

I'm a new poodle mom, Charlie is 9 weeks so far and she is adorable. The only problem is that since we got her (one week ago), my mom developped an allergic reaction to my puppy. She does not have the usual symptoms she has with other breeds of dogs (rashes, sneeze, stingy eyes...), but she still has asthma and it's quite severe. I don't want to get rid of my beautiful girl, I love her with all my heart and she has really been a blessing in my life right now...

Please, I need some tips from people who dealed with an allergic reaction to their poodle!! Anything is welcome. Does it get better when the puppy grow older (no more puppy fur)?

Here is what I've done so far to try to keep my mom's allergies under control:
  • Keeping the puppy in a specific room to reduce the allergens in the house
  • Brushing her coat every day
  • Vaccum every week
  • Mom washes her hands everytime she touches my puppy

I count on your help,
Thank you!

A worried poodle mom
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Asthma is a life threatening condition and needs to be taken very seriously.
Very true. Many years ago my 30-something supervisor died of an asthma attack during a hot muggy summer weather spell. He was had moved in with his girlfriend and her cats, exacerbating his previous asthma issues. The weather pushed him over the edge. Unfortunately, neither human took the issue as seriously as they should have.
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Here is another question. How much does your mom want a dog, and how committed is she to making this work?

I've already mentioned my supervisor who died of asthma. He didn't particularly like cats, but he liked his girlfriend. Among the many fatal mistakes he made was to simply try to avoid the cats and put it all on his girlfriend to deal with them.

I had another supervisor who also had asthma, who loved animals, and who was determined to keep animals in his life. He was very active in managing his allergies and getting help in reducing his exposure to allergens. He bathed his dogs and cats weekly. His girlfriend brushed the animals between baths. He installed hardwood floors. He hired a cleaning service to damp dust and HEPA vacuum his house weekly. He switched to using a duvet with a washable cover, which his girlfriend washed weekly (along with doing all the rest of their laundry.) He met regularly with an allergist to get his medications adjusted. Managing it all was a huge effort on his part - and his girlfriend too - but it allowed him to control his asthma enough to keep his pets while avoiding scary incidents.
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