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i recently bought a toy poodle and was doing some research on poodles and found this site!
I own three dogs: a yorkie, a chihuahua, and now a poodle
my poodles name is byul (star in korean) (he is now 2 months old)
yorkie's name is komi (teddy bear in korean) (now 16 years old)
and my chihuahua's name is xiahjunsu (my sister named it after her fav. singer) (2 years old)
i love my babies! they are mt pride and joy...and sometimes they test my patience but overall very well behaved dogs..(don't know about the poodle yet)^_^
but nice to meet you all!
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Welcome!! And we love it when people share PICTURES!! :) Your kids sound fun - a real mixed bag of breeds and ages - makes for an interesting pack! Hope you enjoy it here and find the forum both entertaining and enlightening!
Hello. Welcome to the forum. Would love to see some pictures of your fur balls when you have time. I do hope you enjoy your experience here and find it very informative.
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