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Hi I just joined. I'm 23, legally blind and have a self trained Standard Poodle Guide Dog Named Hermione. I just graduated from a small college in PA and I live in Ellicott City MD. I've been job searching for months. I'm glad I found this site, this is my first poodle and it would be great to talk to other people with more experience with them.

Alison B. and Hermione G.
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Welcome to the forum (and to the world of poodle people)! I think it's wonderful that you trained Hermione yourself.

If you have any pictures, please post them--we would all love to see her.
Welcome to the forum Aida-Christine!! It's so great to have you!! I can't wait to hear about how Hermoine helps you on a daily basis. I think that is just the coolest thing ever!! My breeder has donated 2 of her puppies from the same parents as my boy to the Seeing Eye Dog program in our area... I just think poodles are the best service dogs! And how great that you could train her yourself!! Way to go! :thumb:
Poodles do make ideal service dogs, with their intelligence, temperament and cleanliness. I can see uses for all three sizes.
Hi and welcome to you and Hermione!

Love the name.
:ciao: Hi!!

I also love the name Hermione!! Definately get some photos on here, cant wait to see your girl, she sounds amazing!!!
Welcome to the forum. It will be wonderful to read about how your Hermoine helps you in your everyday activities. I hope we can see some photos of her soon.
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