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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to say hello and introduce my gang:

- TT: Our first dog, an almost 2 year old corgi
- Pipi: Our first Spoo, almost a year old, kind of an impulse buy :)ahhhhh: as we felt TT was a bit depressed but really liked playing with a gray spoo a neighbor has
- Mini: Caught the Spoo bug and the GF really wanted a girl pup, found a home-raised one locally, and once we went and met her, really didn't have a choice but to take her home with us (just 3 weeks ago!), 4 months old

Since we got Pipi (my first experience raising a puppy), this forum has been an immensely helpful resource and I've been meaning to register for quite some time but have been swamped with work + 3 dogs :afraid:

Attaching a few recent pics of everyone as a hello, and looking forward to learning and sharing with the community here!


PS We're all based in Beijing (for now)


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Welcome - glad you joined us. The forum is an awesome place, great online community.
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