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Greetings everyone. I'm Pamela and I got my furbabies just over a year now and I'm still learning. First I got Bailey (toy) then a few months later I fell in love again with Marco Polo (mini). They have opposite personalities and keep me busy. Bailey is very adventurous and energetic, can keep still, while Polo is very very laid back. Like I said I'm still learning in terms of best chow for them, treats, proper grooming, bbehavioral issues, etc. I've learned a lot reading the various threads on here and hope to learn more.

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Welcome to the forum, your babies are cute
Welcome. Love the pic with one paw on the back of the other :)
Welcome- such sweet looking poodles.
Welcome to the forum. Cute dogs.

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Welcome! What an adorable picture of the two sleeping on the cool tiles.
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