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Hello *woof-woof* Everybody!

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I just joined the forums and i am very excited!
I've been in dog forums before but not a poodle forum (and me owning 4) it's just great!!! :)

So, My name is Marie; i'm 24 y/o, webdesigner and just moved out to Palm Springs. I'm working on creating an online pet store so i'm really excited about that. (even though, i don't know when it will be ready).

I'm excited about getting to know you all and your fluffy monsters... :)

I will post pics of my monsters soon if you guys wanna see 'em!
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I will post pics of my monsters soon if you guys wanna see 'em!
Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.... YEAH!!! Of COURSE we want pictures!! That's one of my favorite things about this forum! :)

I have a 1 year old grandspoo (my adult daughter's brown standard girl) and just welcomed our first very own poodle just 3 weeks ago today! Lucy will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and she's a beautiful red standard from Arreau's Red Standard Poodles in Ontario.

Welcome and can't wait to see your poodles (and your online store!!)
Ok, ok, ok... i'm adding some photos!!!
I love photos too!!!! Specially dog photos!!! (i'll tell you a secret, i think i like dogs better than people) ;)

Anyways, here i introduce my fluffy monsters:

Piggy (5y/o) - i LOVE this picture!!
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Porky (4y/o boy) - he's just a cuddler, VERY playful, GOOD KISSER and just adorable!

Cookie (3y/o) - crrrrrazzzy puppy!!!!! so much fun! full of energy!

Lola (3y/o) - shes just a princess! loves to be cuddled, and she's my tail!

** Sorry if some of the images are too big **

Also, Cookie & Piggy have been in the newspaper and doggie fashion shows! :)
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They are really cute. Welcome to the forum. Its always so great to be able to see all the pictures. I really enjoy them.
Welcome - cute dogs and I agree sometimes I also like mine over people.
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