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Hello everyone,
my name is Valentina, I come from Italy and I'm true dog lover.
I'm a dog trainer and I attended a masters degrees in Animal Behavior and Ethology.
I have two lovely poodles.

I joined this forum because I'm carrying out a survey about dog's thunderstorm phobia (breed, sex, temperament predisposition) and I need the collaboration of many dog owners as possible. In particular I need information about our beloved poodels.

I prepared a questionnaire that you can fill for your actual and past dogs (even if they are not afraid of thunderstorm!!!).
The information collected from this questionnaire will be used as part of a my master thesis.
This is the link of the questionnaire.

Thanks for your collaboration.


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Hi - I've filled it in, but although you say you need replies from people with dogs that are not afraid of thunder, many of the questions (eg What have you done to help resolve your dog's thunder phobia?) assume that fear. I've done my best - hope it helps!
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