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Hello, New Member with questions

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I am the proud mother of 2 rescued toy poodles. Pretty, is a 2 year spayed bitch and Pedro is my 8 year neutered male. I adopted them right before Thanksgiving of 2007. They have both nestled right into our family and know that they are very loved very much. My question may sound stupid to everyone but I need to know. Pretty in the last week has gotten very moody, and I am wondering if (here comes the stupid question) female dogs can get PMS? I know that they can get periods, but even if she is spayed, can she still go through the "issues" that come with that time? I know a lot of you are laughing at me and thats ok, I am laughing at myself for thinking it, but I have to ask.
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If it were me, I would take her to the vet. I say this because I made all kinds of excuses for our boy Carlo. I thought is was because Sasha had gone to Rainbow bridge and he missed her. I thought at four years old, he was finally finding his manners.. he was standoffish and wouldn't eat. He didn't come to great me when I came home. One day, I went into our "quiet room" and looked at him.... I went down stairs and told my husband... "I think Carlo is dying." He took him to the vet (who at this point is no longer our vet)... he ran all kinds of tests and ran up a bill of $5,000.00. Long story longer... one evening still not knowing what was wrong with him, he went into shock and stopped breathing. My husband ran him into an emergency pet center and within 10 minutes the emergency vet diagnosed him with addison's disease. Which I have learned is quite common in poodles. I was grateful we finally knew what the problem was, but angry because Carlo did not have to get that sick. he is treated now with steriods every day and has an electrolyte short every 25 days. if you look at my posting.pictures, "my beautiful family" Carlo is the one sitting in the chair and in the back yard. he is also the one on the left sitting on the lawn with his brother Sergio.
so, i can't stress enough - if she were mine... I'd get her to a good vet asap.
Please let me know how things go.
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