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Hello New Here From Australia

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Hi Everyone, Im Nancy from Sivaro Kennels in Australia. I breed and exhibit toy poodles, previously miniature poodles. I am second generation poodle breeder/exhibitor and love my show outings.

Here is my website

Hope to meet you all soon :)
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Hello and welcome. I previously showed Amstaff's but fell in love with Poodles and will be heading out in the show ring soon. Please share some of your show pics.
Welcome - your website is nice but would love to see pix of your poodles.
Thankyou for all your replies.

I have pics in the photo thread. ;)
Awww thankyou very muchly Todd :D
Hello from Beverly Hills

THanks for the invite. I have 3 standard poodles and live in Beverly HIlls. I speak 3 languages and have a degree in social studies. I breed 1 or 2 litters each year. :amen:
:) How did you get attached to this ancient thread? LOL

My sister is in the foreign service and speaks multiple languages as do her two kids and husband. It's a very neat skill to have. My sister in law lived in Beverly Hills for a number of years and then got tired of crowds, but it was peaceful in the city. :) Lots of nice people here, welcome to you and your poodles!
Hi and welcome from across the ditch. As you can see from my signature I have two toys but I am not at all into breeding or showing. I just love my babies.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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