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Hello I am new

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Hi, I just found this forum. I own 3 standard poodles. I have a black 14 year old female, a 8 year old cream female and a 7 month old parti poodle. I will try and posts some pictures.


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Hi, I am in Toronto. I got my black standard and cream from breeders. They are not related and from two different breeders. The parti I got from a pet store. I would normally not buy from a pet store, but I have been looking for a parti for a while and would have to travel to the states to get one. It was love at first sight and I could not leave him there. So I have 3 dogs now. The oldest one sleeps most of the time and can't walk to far. I walk the pup and the cream together and talk my old girl out for a slow stroll. I am a groomer so I save money on the grooming part. I have always loved poodles.
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