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Hello from the UK

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Hi there, just saying hello and love the forum. I've just got my very 1st poodle. She's a 5 year old chocolate standard. I've had her 5 hours and I'm totally smitten. :love:
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helo there from the uk as well im getting my first poodle in 4 weeks and i cant wait
How exciting for both of you!! Congratulations and welcome.
Thanks spoospirit :) and newpoodlemum congrats :)
:welcome: congrats you guys are gunna love having a poodle around the house, they have to be the smartest, most beautiful and affectionate dogs out there. Not that I'm biased at all :biggrin:
:lol: awww I'm in love already, she slept cuddled up to me all night :)
congratulations! poodles rule! pictures please lol
Hiya, I am also new on here and from the UK. Lucky you with a new poodle pal!
Thanks guys. :) I am lucky, was in the right place at the right time :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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