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Hello from Perth WA

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Hello everyone,

Ive been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now, and thought it was time to introduce you to my baby.

We have a 12 week old Red Standard called Suggsy.
He is sooooo cute (as you can see from the picture attached taken at 10wks) and really developing his personality.
Mind you, its time for a trim as the weather here is heating up and he hasnt been to a groomers yet so this should be fun, he doesnt sit still for long!

So thats it for now, happy holidays to you all


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Welcome Suggsy! I made it to your part of the world a couple of years ago, it's beautiful round there. I especially liked Fremantle.

Your puppy is adorable!
What a cutie! I love his color...and that's a great name:) Welcome!
Welcome, Leeane and Suggsy!!! What a beautiful baby you have, Leeane! I'm sort of partial to the reds, though! Please keep the pictures coming! :)
Beautiful boy! He looks tall already. I bet he has a big personality, he looks pretty spunky and smart.
Welcome Leanne and Suggsy
what a charmer your beautiful boy is. Look forward to watching him grow.
Welcome!! Cute babykins there
Hugh? Dos that REALLY work for you?

oh, and welcome Suggsy. Where did you get the name? He is beautiful.
Thank you all for your nice comments.

Suggsy's name comes from the lead singer of one of our favorite bands, Madness.
The lead singer is known as Suggs. (it sure sounds better for a dog than his real name Graham McPherson)!
Hi and welcome to you and Suggsy! He's a cute little fellow.
Hi and welcome!!! All of my dads side of the family is from Perth, and most of them are still over there, but I've yet to get that far... One day!
Welcome, he is a doll baby but then again I Love Red!!!
Hi and welcome to the forum What a cutie. You just want to hug him. Its nice to have some more red poodle owners (I have 2 reds and an apricot) on the forum
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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