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Hi, I’m Dawn from Northeast PA. I have 2 Standard Poodles in my family.

I’m a former groomer who always wanted a spoo and finally decided to add 1 to the family when I lost 1 of my Jack Russells over 2 years ago. I did my research for a breeder and then waited for a parti boy.

While I was waiting someone near me was looking to rehome a female spoo with some fear issues. Aura joined my family in March 2019 and has settled in much better than I had thought she would when I first met her.


Then this past summer, my parti boy was born. I drove to Michigan to pick him up in August and I am just in love with him. Gusto is a big, goofy, happy, smart 8 month old boy and I hope he stays that way.


I’m not sure if I will be able to do dog sports with Aura because of her fear issues. I’d like to try nosework. With Gusto, I’d like to do all the dog stuff- obedience, rally, freestyle, agility and maybe show him in the alter class in UKC. I think we’ll have some fun.😁
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