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Hello from NZ

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I am down in New Zealand and have got myself two Miniature Poodles Beni 17 weeks and Ruby is 12 Weeks old. Benji is an Apricot boy and Ruby I thought as told by the breeder a parti Poodle but reading through here thinking maybe a phantom, maybe someone here will know
First-time Poodle owner, looking forward to the challenge of well-trained dogs

Thank you for letting me join this website, information and people are all so helpful and positive

I have trained and then worked with rescue dogs for a few years, Did have Miniature Schnauzers and Cocker spaniels years ago but puppy training thoughts seem to have been lost with the cuteness of the new babies.
These guys are a little different and such happy dogs and can see they are going to be eager to please as they grow. For a few days, I was wondering what I was doing. I did post on a page on here a few days ago and bought me back to reality, Thank you. Within a couple of days the change is magic, we are now in crates a few times a day and o the puppies are well-behaved, less zoomies. some training dates and the place doesn't look like a tornado has gone through.

Looking forward to learning more about poodles and their needs


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Welcome to you and your cute pups!
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