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Hello from Myself, and my poodles!

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Hello! I finally found a place where I can talk about my poodles! My name is Nadia and I'm 20 years old living in Toronto Ontario Canada

My friends and family hear enough of my dogs and I don't know any other dog fanciers. I have a one year old Miniature/Toy poodle mix named Juno (we think she is at least, she is a big bigger then a toy and a margin smaller then a miniature) and my 3 month old cockapoo Luna (she came from animal control, they said she was a miniature poodle but as she aged I realized she was some kind of poodle mix, most likely cockapoo. But she looks like a poodle!) I absolutely love poodles and I can't imagine my life without them, they are the best dogs! When I was first researching what dog I wanted, I was limited to the "not shedding hypoallergenic breeds" and settled with the poodle. I wanted something big, like a Rottie or a Newfoundland, even a standard poodle would be great, but then I met Juno and took her home and my poodle fascination began. Because I like to groom my dogs, I bought a grooming kit and have learned to room the basics from what I've done with my dogs. Now I can groom all my cousins dogs.

Here are some pictures of my lovely girls =) thanks for reading!

Here is Juno, we got her from a family who had her for two weeks and decided they didn't want a puppy anymore. They said they bought her from a "breeder" a little north from us. I doubt she was professionally bred as her height is a little weird (toy miniature mix maybe?) but I love her proportions and she looks like a supermodel to me. Juno gets groomed once a week by me. Juno doesn't show up well in pictures, her being black and all..

Here is Luna, we got her from animal control, they said they found her and the litter in a home full of feces and diseased poodles, illegal pit bulls, and some deceased animals. All of the animals in the buildings were put down because of the disease, luckily the pups were saved. I was told she was a mini poodle, but as she got bigger, I realized her hair was too straight, she might be a cockapoo. I love her all the same however =)

thanks for reading my post =)
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Love Juno and Luna's pictures! They have a great home.
Love Juno and Luna's pictures! They have a great home with you.
Here is a picture of my poodle named Lulu. I need to find some better pictures, but when Lulu's face is shaved, her face strikingly resembles Juno.


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The original thread is from 2008. Haven't heard from the OP since then...wonder if she's still around? The pictures of her furkids are very cute!

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