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My name is Chris and my wife is Toni.
We have to "spoos" (lol)
Marcus (the Bold) about 15 months old: Apricot.
Bella (Brianna the Wonder Dog) about about 13 months old: Black.

We like to run in the foothills with them. We did a novice obedience class with them about nine months ago but kind of let it go once it got cold.... it's time to go back as these teenagers have selective hearing.

Our groomer just moved away. So we did it ourselves last Sat. I was able to get the purple Andis Pet Pro from Amazon for about $56. Not sure the clippers worked that well. Has anyone had experience with those?

Overall I'm pleased. There were a few bumps in the road but as soon as my account here is unlocked I'll post in Grooming.
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