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Hello from Long Island

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Hey all. I am getting my standard pup in a little over two weeks (He's just about six weeks old).
His name is Zappa and I can't wait to bring him home!
He'll be my first dog ever, so any words of wisdom are appreciated.


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Welcome to Poodle Forum : )

You won't be upset with a standard they are awesome and super smart too!

Checkout the Poodle Talk forum for advice, and ideas :)
Congratulations on your first puppy ever. You are going to love having a Standard, poodles are a breed second to none (I am partial and owned other breeds so know the difference). Your little boy is beautiful.

Since you are a new mom, have you got any puppy rearing books, or would you like some recommendations???

Hi and welcome!! Congratulations on you new boy! He is so cute. Can't wait to see lots of pictures of him.
:welcome: to the forum. Zappa is adorable. Bet you can't wait to get him home.
Hi and welcome. I love the name Zappa and he's a lovely little fellow. You couldn't have picked a better breed for your very first dog. The forum is a great resource for information and whenever you have a question, post it. You're sure to find an answer there to help you with your new baby.
Zappa is beautiful!!
Can't wait to see more pic's as he grows.
Good choice on first dog. Your going to love having a Standard.

Congrats and welcome!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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