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Welcome !

I would have to agree with the other's. We officially have a adult blue standard Poodle owner here. He is very pretty one too.

When I got my standard pup Eli, I was told his mother was a black. Well a few months later I saw her in person (the mother dog) and she was really a blue. The lady I bought him from thought she faded for some reason at about 2 yrs. Eli's father was a creme and his grandpa and great grandpa are blacks.
I don't see any signs of my boy turning blue and he is almost 15 months but I hear more and more people say they didn't turn until about 2 yrs.

Now since you have said the same thing, Im wondering if around 2 yrs Eli may turn too. Did you ever notice your boy having a brownish tint in his hair underneath his feet or anywhere else?
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