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hello everyone

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I have been trying to figure out out to use this site. Not too bright I guess - I did this before but it didn't go anywhere so I hope this time it will. I am new to the forum - Live in Palenville NY which is in the Catskills near Hunter Mountain and I have two standards - a red female 3yrs old - have her since 6 weeks old and a chocolate male - 3yrs old rescued when he was almost 2. I'll see if this works before I write more!thanks!
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Welcome the site! Post some pictures of your poodles!
I dont' know how but I will when I figure it out - thanks!
Welcome Pamela

We live in Pittsburgh. I'm a new poodle owner and also have an 11 year old collie. This site has been really helpful to me.

Hi - thanks for responding - I read all the posts while I was waiting for the registration to be complete. This is just what I was looking for. I've had Ginger for 3 years and Teddy for about a year and a half - he ws a rescue.
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